We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome our new friends as well as longtime supporters to our blog.

Here you will find useful information about mailing and fulfillment, focusing on ways to keep you current on the latest trends and ideas to help stretch your budgets and save time in your marketing and publicity efforts.

In addition, in our blog we would like to share with all of you, our valued clients and fellow animal lovers, news and stories about a subject that the entire TSI family is extremely passionate about, that being Animal Rescue.

Here you will meet and read about the canine and feline friends who members of the extended TSI family have saved from abandonment and/or abuse, now living out their lives in happy and loving homes.

Please view the photos and read their stories, we guarantee that they will bring some joy into your day.

We will also be sharing information on upcoming charitable events that we will be involved in that highlight the ways in which TSI is dedicated in giving back to our community, and possibly ones that our readers may wish to participate.

Please visit our new Facebook page for the latest news and updates, we would love for you to continue the discussion.

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