No Animal Left Behind

Transport Specialties Int’l has been passionately committed to animal rescue from its inception.  Sponsoring the rescue of many dogs and cats through charitable gifts, fundraisers and even through the actual hands on rescue and adoption of Thomasina the original TSI cat, and Sheena the sweet dog that found its way to our warehouse loading docks.

We believe that our success over these many years is a blessing that should be paid forward with a commitment to spreading compassion for those who are without a voice and are victim to the cruelty that unfortunately exists in this world.

A few of our personal rescue’s who have blessed us with their presence-



Rescued by Employee – Nancy Johnson

Both Miley and Dexter have made Nancy’s home complete, with such love and happiness.  Miley, a rescue from a home in Howell, is a little princess and Dexter, an Old Bridge Animal Shelter rescue,  is a crazy little boy kitty who rules the home. Both are in good health and living in a caring and loving home.


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