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TSI Supports SPCA

We are so pleased that the Macerich Company, a major operator of shopping malls throughout the United States has decided to no longer permit stores that sell live animals to be tenants at any of their 70 properties. As most if not all of the mall pet stores sell puppies that are supplied by “puppy mills” this is a fantastic leap of progress in the battle against animal cruelty. Essentially it is the lack of a retail outlet to enable these places of horror to make money that will drive these mills out of business.

In Freehold, New Jersey Raceway Mall has permitted the SPCA of Monmouth County to take the space formerly occupied by a pet store to open a satellite facility of its main adoption center. Here prospective “pet parents ” can meet their puppies and kittens, who will be housed in a state of the art adoption center and receive the proper screening and verification as suitable adopters. On designated days, older dogs will also be visiting to seek their forever homes as well. This facility is expected to open shortly.

TSI has been an enthusiastic supporter of the SPCA of Monmouth County, a no kill shelter, for many years. We hope that this terrific concept is repeated in shopping malls everywhere.


Put an End to “Put Downs”

When someone puts down another person, or entity, we almost always perceive that act as insulting that person, or group, etc.  But when we speak of a put down in terms of an animal it has a far darker connotation.

As in the phrase, “Put to Sleep” “Put Down”, means euthanize, or end the life of an animal. Not necessarily due to illness or dangerous behavior, but to the fact that it is unwanted and finds itself in a place that does not choose to care for it and sustain its life.

Tragically, many millions of dogs, cats and horses as well as other former pets of other species, etc. are “Put Down” every year in the United States.  Although the older a dog or cat is the less likely it will be to survive a shelter situation, even puppies and kittens too often are killed for lack of resources to keep them alive in the majority of municipal animal pounds. To refer to a place that kills instead of rescues a dog or cat as a shelter is probably the sickest irony.

Having just returned from a visit to San Francisco, a city that appeared to have as many issues with their budget as much as the next city if not worse, I was delighted and impressed with one thing that all San Franciscans are rightly proud of: A NO KILL ANIMAL SHELTER. This is not a shelter funded by the private sector although I am sure that many volunteers aid in its success.  This is a city shelter.

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