Why TSI?

We customize our service to answer the needs of each client – one size does not fit everyone. We offer flexibility, responsiveness, proficiency and value.

Well Established.  TSI has been in the industry for over 30 years and has continued to remain competitive and innovative, keeping up with the infrastructure and logistical needs of modern businesses.

Tailored Fulfillment.  Our services can tailor its picking, packing, and shipping process to meet varying clients and customer’s requirements, allowing the option to provide services based off of client specific needs.

Fast and Affordable Shipping.  TSI utilizes cost-effective shipping to promptly deliver your products.  This is made possible because of established close partnerships with carriers that offer multiple service levels and shipping rates for your orders.

Dedicated Account Executives.  One of our dedicated account executives will be assigned to your account and operations, and will be available to you for any assistance you might need during business hours. Our executives can also advise you on related areas like shipping carriers and solutions that are suitable to your business needs.

Detailed Information & Reports.  You can get information on your inventory 24/7, sorted by products and locations, among other parameters. Automatically-generated reports enable you to view shipments, product arrivals, current inventory, previous orders, statuses, and tracking information all from any internet device.

Additional Services.  TSI compliments its offerings with extra services like subscription boxes, order returns processing, kitting/light assembly, courier services to our NYC clients, shrink wrapping, special handling and collating of products and many more.

Custom Pricing.  TSI offers custom pricing based on your business needs; meaning you pay on per-order basis. This enables you to adjust your monthly warehousing costs based on your requirements. Likewise, there are no hidden fees and long-term commitment.

Commodified Service of Shared Fulfillment.  You can customize your own labels/packaging based on your specs, so you can maintain your branding. We enable you to label and pack your items with your company details and customized packaging using your logo.

Highest Standards.  TSI sets the standard in our industry. Many major companies have relied on us for over 30 years to be their partner in successfully marketing and promoting their products. We believe in a proactive approach when it comes to problems or issues that may arise. To combat this, we feature a detailed production checklist for each and every job that is received to ensure that the proper procedures are followed.